Saturday, June 4, 2011

bukan ayat tumblr #1

zenit ttl 1980.

"in life , you will find a condition by which normal angle is not enough. ordinary is not in mind imaginary. you will try something different by doing the same thing in different ways. sometimes you fail and fall.sometimes you gain something from pain.

critical angle teach you.that bravery is true lesson of life.only a few people are brave enough to take different path.which is the critical angle.and the dominant continue in the same path.take ordinary picture.of life.whatever angle you take.the picture is still the picture.but the satisfaction is the one that differ these angles.

either you satisfy with what you get.or if you dare to be in critical angle and test the luck.
goodluck. :) "


  1. sekarang memang musim eh, main post guna title nombor2 ni. schedule post ke tak ni? ha ha

  2. tak.ini first time lah gua buat. ahaha