Monday, October 3, 2011

hello october!

salam alaik.

hello to october and goodbye september.see you again next year.well yeah.i shoot a lot in september.i used a lot of film camera.a lot of experiment with new gears.some of it meet failure.and the rest just make me proud.

to be an analogue photographer and make it as a fulltime hobby is not an easy task.just imagine , you want to shoot some spontaneous photos,emotions and expressions. but you need to be faster that the subject.its not like DSLR when you can auto focus the have to be super fast.waiting for the right time to click the shutter button.i am not a person who believe in a quote "dont think just shoot".because for get a wonderfull have to make a correct judgement and appreciate every single roll of film you used, i found something special when using analogue camera.the excitement.the joy.and for me my self.i enjoy analogue photography.

it is not fair to compare different type of camera ,either analogue or digital.both ,have their own weakness and strength.just fix yourself to what you like and dont be easily influenced by others.i tried a lot of analogue cameras.from the simplest and cheapest toy camera to more complex such as slr with manual settings.each one have its own strength.i found myself really into this analogue scene.i make it serious hobby and not to be like one-two roll film shooter only.and after that.they sell back their camera.

not everyone can accept that analogue photography still have their own supporters.they only believe in digital which photos can be snapped and deleted any time.for me.i love is just a gadget.and the shooter is the one who make it special.

some of my favourite photos from my second roll of zenit E , the 1980 russian slr.i feel a lil bit dissapointed because some of the photos are not sharp so happy. : ) below are some of my favourite photos i snapped using cheap UWS.i bought it for rm50.and the results were outstanding!

and below are some of the results i obtained using wide La Sardina,abu's gear.

overall? i really enjoyed the results.i still a learner.and i will improve.hail analogue photography!  hello october! dont make me dissapointed.welcome!


  1. different type of camera ,either analogue or digital. EITHER bhai. haha

  2. sumpah tak paham post guna bhs penjajah..perghh

  3. pehal kluar nma anonymous plak..