Friday, August 19, 2011


salam alaik
kiev 60, the antique.hey.

today is the beginning of raya holiday.sick of using KTM.i took a bus to go home.but unfortunately,same symptom and same case as KTM, the airconditioner felt to operate! hour of sauna session.what happen to all public transport in Malaysia?wak hapeng?yep.i bring a lot of books like previous holiday. and to be fair , i dont know eether i will open at least a page of it or not during this holiday.but atleast , at leasst , i will bring along with the book some sort of motivation and inspiration.

i am an examinatin repeater.a repeater of chemistry and physics paper.and yep.i have to stop dreaming about Australia and work more.and talk less.cuz there will be no Australia for me if i fail again during next year examination.and what a dissapoinment i will throw to my parent faces, my family and ofcourse , myself. after two years i spend there for overseas preparation. i end it up study local.and please understand my word ,i dont label study local as a failure.but for a person like me who get the opportunity and ticket to study overseas and i fail to get would be a major loss.

i wish. i wish. for the third time. i wish. this holiday will be not like usual. oh can i love you when there is a  facebook? temptation.temptation. and that is why Allah give this challenge to me in ramadhan.

wait.why am i writing this post like a nerd? or maybe i am a nerd?

p/s : bajet tulis dalam b.i macam diari padahal takda isi nak update.kah3.
p/s : photo taken with my brother D90

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