Saturday, February 4, 2012


salam alaik.

* * * 

first layer  : muka gadis
second layer : jejantas.
accidental multiple exposure.but quite ok kan? haha

this is my first time using lomo lca. fail to get full mark. i didnt know that the film has been used by illyna. then i put it again. and i snap it one whole round. and thats why i get overexposed multiple exposure.but its ok.seriously i like above photo : )sebenarnya ada dua gadis yang berada dalam gambar di atas.besides the red shirt girl , there is another girl. it is my special one.dapat cari? ha..korang memang power. cari sampai dapat.haha. 

thanks illyna cuz bagi pinjam kamera.

p/s  : sory cik nurse sebab gambar awak kabur .next time kita buat shooting lg k ? 

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