Friday, May 27, 2011

this is the story.

opening of saser in 2002
salam alaik.

hello readers, this is just a short and simple blog post to congratulate my school , the and only sains seremban for the appreciation as Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi by the ministry of education.

once upon a time , about nine years ago. one all boys school was established in the land of former malay all boys school of Sekolah Dato Abdul Razak. SDAR was moved to sungai gadut leaving a small bunch of land to the establishment of new all boys school named SM Sains Seremban.Starting from that year , the new but old tiny school striving hard to be one of the successful school in Negeri Sembilan.Old buildings , old fascilities , but yet New era.

SASER in the short period of time manage to grab many achievements. the new school start to become silent killer in SPM results .climbed step by step until all the hardwork paid as the underdog managed top spot in SPM result.but just a few people know about SASER.

i had a lot of experience wearing SASER shirts.i went to cendol stall inampangan, just 2km from my school with my family when suddenly the man said " apo sokolah saser ni dik? sekolah agamo soromban ko? " i answered . " sains seremban pakcik " .then he said " apo dio? , tak pernah eden dongar , " then i just said " sdar lama pakcik " . then he just shacking his head give a sign he know the location.

ya.SDAR lama.thats the name we all saser students often told to taxi driver for a direction.sains seremban is not in their map.thats all happened when the underdog SASER already 3 or 4 years in the top spot.but now.after about that years of making history in world of education in Malaysia.saser being more sdar lama in taxis driver's mind.

congratulation to all teachers , since the starting of great run in 2002 until the reincarnation of the name saser to sains tuanku munawir this year but ya.what is so special about that school for me?not because of its all boys status.but just the value of its teachers.if the diamond and gold are so valuable. than for me. my teachers are all invaluable.

congratulation to all staff , makcik kantin , makcik dewan makan , cats , the naughty kids from a village next saser who oftenly throwing the crackers during terawih prayer.

congratulation to all saser ex student. and present student for making this history.


anas saifuddin,
former saserian 7batch
tuah A202


  1. haha sama lah kite nas.

    :seseri? apo tu dik?
    :ssp lama

    HAHA :D

  2. bro ak rindu sekolah dok.kt saser lah kta jd bowler kriket sama2 hee.saser ttp top oh smpai bila2.ops munawir haha.keep ur fingers dancing anas haha