Sunday, May 1, 2011

reminiscing the old days.

i dont have any best word to describe the best feeling about this picture.
it is more than enough to bring me back to 12 years past.when i was 6 or 7 years.perhaps 6 years old was too old for me to wear this costumes.hihi.

whatever.childhood moments just the best period of our life.pure heart.all the laughes and tears come with sincerities and true meanings.expression and impression come a plain white paper.with no dust or scracth of pencil lead on it.

i wish.i could be there once there will be no more stress exam after sadness of being stabbed in the back by love.all in head is just fun and fun.but i realised one live as a human.and to be a human.experiences are more than just a teacher.

experiences is our loyal friends.all the pain we suffered.all the melancholic we faced.make us stronger inch by inch. and ready for the next metamorphosis of life.

childhood is the best moment but yet not the best teacher.goodbye childhood.hello maturity.

i was a boy.and i will never be a boy again. : ) i am a man.and forever be a man.

one accounting girl at my college post this picture at my facebook wall.claiming his brother have similar face like me. =.= if i have a younger brother.i know this is the face! hahaha.

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