Friday, August 24, 2012

the journey continues.

salam alaik.

"I've made the decision. the future of my life."

* * *
here it is.


I decided to go to University of Queensland .located in Brisbane.quite peaceful place. not so crowded and havoc place I guess? (hope so) . It's good to hear that I have a small group of friends that will be there with me , spending 4 years of degree life. and gain as much as experience we can.

I realised that Allah gives me a second chance. There's no reason for me to waste it again. I dont want to be at that situation again. crying and regretting past time mistakes. everyone should wake up from their failure. and I should wake up now .

I will be departing off to Australia next February insyaAllah. mean that I have another 6 months to spend in Malaysia. a lot of thing to be done before the departure. I want my last 6 months to be meaningful. and after that , another chapter of my life , called the departure. : )

mak , abah . doakan anak mu ini. ya Allah , mudahkan perjalananku.


  1. Pergi tengok cite Revenge. bole belaja accent Ausie mate. kah3. Cheers.