Saturday, June 2, 2012

the end.

salam alaik.

end of KMS life. and at the end of the day , i feel sad. sad to leave the memories behind. sad to leave this antique college.and of course , start a new chapter.  I still have one paper to go, in two weeks. and its not actually the end yet. but for all the hardworks for the past few month , i deserve rest for a week. and then here we go. marching in the hall for the last time. and kick physics paper 1 out of mind.

the ending was fun. the last night with the bros was fantastic. having a BBQ in heavy rain. laugh together , eat together , for probably last time in our entire life. some of us will be heading to Australia , not to forget New Zealand , Manipal and UK. ya. feel proud to send and waving them at the airport.

and I hope , they will be able to send and wave at me too.Insya Allah.

the Alevel exam was hard. some paper were totally disaster for me. mathematic to be precised. physics and chemistry were quiet tricky , and at the end , i can only pray and tawakkal. May Allah gives the best result for me.

and i hope. I can be at the airport. suit up. and finally leaving Malaysia. for a new chapter of life.

this is the last time i use this photo.may Borhan rest in are totally legendary cat in KMS.