Sunday, September 25, 2011

siri mengenal budak bajet hot part#2

salam alaik.

this post doesnt mean to fire or scold anyone.if i want to do so.i rather open up the person real name.i still hide out the person name.cuz i dont want to blame or embarrased her.

i feel annoyed by some facebook account.they are muslim and malay.young.and proud showing off their body.showing off everything they can.their asset.what they have.tuih. and most of them have a common to give warning in their facebook! haha.

so.if you are likely to be one of them.i apologize : )

sambungan part 1.

profil facebook patrisya dania atau nama sebenarnya kamariah ali.

gua tak edit.penampakan ni gamaknya kerja mark zuckenberg kot.

okelah fine is their facebook they can do what they want aite?if you hold by that statement.mean in the same way i can do what i want to aite?

kan? XD