Friday, September 17, 2010

merangkak tetapi sampai lebih baik dari lari tp jatuh ditengah jalan.

salam alaik.

"merangkak tetapi sampai lebih baik daripada berlari tetapi jatuh ditengah jalan"-electronic banner,masjid al faizin."

i dunno how can i describe today's feeling.ok.actually today i went to camera shop to take my film which have been developed two day past and i am so excitedd to see the results.this is the thrill moment and exciting feeling u will experience when using analogue or film based camera.u wont know the result until the film have been developed.

i opened up my pendrive with dupdap in my heart.hahaha.and the result .err.again.not so good.this time my photos were fulled with light leak. mean every photos were overexposed to sun flares and light.

yah.when using camera film,you just have 36frames.mean you only have 36 time to snap the pictures. and once you hit the snap button , you cant delete it like digital one. you have to wait several days to get the results and just for me,my waiting were a lil bit dissapointed.out of 36,maybe just 23 can be considered clear and out of 23 photos , i personally just impressed with about 3 or 4 photos out of 36.see? this is film.and this is analogue.

regret? nope.i dont regret anything.because for me.this is my interest and for me,the photos taken by film camera has it own value and estetic level compare to digital colours and the mixture and texture of the photos were totally difference from digital.

forget about the photo changed my mood today.just becoz one photo.i snapped it using film camera,1980 zenit TTL.this is the photo.

i dunno why i love this photo so much.but thanks to this photo,it just remove my melancholic away.and i appreciated film camera which can give this art of photography.

this is just another sample of this fuji superia 200 film.kindly visit my facebook to see full album.i can improve.and i will improve.lomo on!lomo on!