Monday, December 15, 2008

RANtai Revelation 08

assalamualaikum w.b.t

today..i want to talk bout frens and i went to RANtai revelation and pc fair..huaa..what a day it myself,zul,nuaim ,apar n the afroman zai..went lepak2 at klcc..hehe..we did nothing..but just walking and walking and walking..

actually..i am very excited to go to RANtai event..cuz..last year..that event was fantastic and everybody talk bout year..i took the opportunity to go there..but,.....i felt very dissapointed actually..cuz..the booth can be counted no band like the flyers said..dissapointed!!..

but..its ok..there were many talent people there..selling their stuff and malaysian stuff!!.. i entered the red where some of the art event took place..and i was lucky to see didgerio(not the true sppeling..i dont know the correct word..haha)performance..very unic music instrument!..i recorded their camera is very ''high tech''..poor sound!! is a pic bout them..

after that..i went to 2nd floor of the house and i found awin faveret stuff!! lomo camera..and the art is called one room..the room is fulled with lomo pic!! nice2!!.. and at that time..pierre andre came!..haha..but..forget about not a girl~..hehe..

hurm...overall..RANtai should improve their event..but i will support them!!..cuz we are are some pic bout some stuff that i bought from RANtai..hehe..

actually i am kering already..thanks to my mum!!hehehe...about pc fair??? i dont want to talk bout it..nothing special..just feeling of taking apart in 5km merentas desa..haha...althought there are nothing special bout yesterday..but..i feel very happy and ofcourse tired!!..

"together four-ever" =D

k k...tata~~~ support malaysian stuff peeps!! (sory for bad bad grammar =D)


  1. gambar kubur ke tuh?
    sebelah je nesannye

    oh ye..
    boss, ak nak tag ko skali skale
    jemput ar ziarah blog ak~

  2. HOOOOHHH!!!!

    teruja aku tengok pict tu...

    gambo banyak2 kat dinding tu..namenye lomo wall...aku pon nak wat kat bilik aku nanti bler aku da cuci pict aku amek pakai mr.ashen

    kamera lomo tu murah jek beb~
    jeles aku ko leh g kat booth lomokids...>.<

    *anaz da botak~yay~!*

  3. huhuhu,
    ko pegi lomo booth!?
    jeles doe~
    best x?

    mesti lawa ek lomo wall die.

    btw, lawa la bende2 ko beli kat rantai art uh.

    nk pegi rantai art gak~!!!

  4. lomo wall tu lawa giler...penuh satu dinding... taun dpan jum? hehe..