Friday, November 25, 2011

zoo. here i come.

salam alaik.

hello peeps. i am sub-officially active blogger again. i will finish my last paper next wednesday and will be 5 weeks holiday! so what should i do for the holiday? i am not a good planner , i make up a plan but at the end , not all of them come true . i mean majority of them.

holiday will be useless without activities . previously , i spent my holiday doing nothing. eat , sleep , farting , online and eat again for 3 weeks. at the end. i felt regret of wasting so much precious time. And when the collegue season start again , it will be the time you craving for more holiday after holiday.

and ya. finally i know what to do. and i hope this plan come true. to be honoust , im a big spender of money. i dont have much money.but when i have it , i'll be crazy. so at this particular time , i dont have the money. it's so sad to be in holiday wihout money rite?.so what should i do?

i should work part time!

i make a plan to work part time in Zoo Negara on this not targetting the fullmonth just hoping to get some pocket money without make use of my parent one. they spent a lot on my mum's lung cancer cure. im hoping to get daily salary and when i called the admin , they offer rm30 per day. not so much money but hey. i dont want to work everyday cuz it is holiday but if i spend 10 days working there. i already make up rm300.thats should be enough for another three weeks .

i can spend on my lomography stuff , i have my own pocket money to go everywhere and above all , i dont ask money from my parent.

so animal! please be nice. ill be there in one week! haha.

entah2  kena pakai costume camni gamaknya? hahaha


  1. nanti nak melawat anas kat zoo la. HAHA

  2. hahaha.yg pakai costume tu aku la tu.haha

  3. salam anas. that's a very good effort of yours to write in english, just pay some attention to some of the spellings ya ? (no offense tau). btw, kerja kat zoo tu camne ek? ce citer sket, mana tau aku cuti nnt blh gak memohon. btw ni mmber afiq.